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Strawberry-Elderflower Iced Tea (click through for recipe)

Strawberry-Elderflower Iced Tea

This strawberry-elderflower iced tea is so refreshing and delicious! It is made with fresh strawberries which add to the drink not only great flavor, but wonderful color as well. *** Tento jahodovo-bazový ľadový čaj je dokonale osviežujúci a lahodný. Pripravený je z čerstvých jahôd, ktoré…

10. júna 2016
Tiramisu Cups Recipe

Tiramisu Cups

This classic Italian dessert is simple, but really delicious. Tiramisu means „cheer me up“ or „wake me up“ and it was invented in 1960s in the region of Veneto in Italy. This tiramisu is served in individual cups and because it can be made…

11. mája 2016